Big Fireworks

Since its creation, the fireworks are a great show. There is no need for any additional technique to amaze the public. Its creator is at the same time a painter, a choreographer, a musician, an architect, a craftsman when he imagines the successive scenes, selects his products, assembles the colors, combines the effects, builds a monumental ephemeral work, shapes each moment, all in nuances of rhythm, accelerations, suspended moments, crescendo until the dazzling finale.


New Year’s Eve celebration from the Arc de Triomphe – Paris



The pyrotechnic shows proposed are distinguished by their great precision of shooting, in perfect synchronization with the musical band when they are sounded. The choice of the material used, the design synchronized to the nearest 100th of a second and the writing of the show allow to obtain this result.

This rigor is also found in the study of each of our projects, allowing us to carry out controlled and secure interventions in sensitive sites, remarkable heritage sites or in very urbanized areas.


With or without music, fireworks are a great show!


Musical night at the castle of Chantilly



The audacity of creation, the ability to awaken the child’s eye that we all have, the consideration of the context and the places, the mastery of the most powerful tools are all sources that the designer has to make the pyrotechnic design a unique mode of expression.

Inauguration of the new subway of Bagneux



A touch of elegance, a touch of magic and the diffusion of an imperceptible but underlying tension of the best scenarios are the hallmark of Celesta, which combines the modesty of a master craftsman and the ambition of a creator.
Feu d’artifice – Dreux

Festival of the flambarts in Dreux



30 years of passion, experience and as much research and development are now integrating technical solutions in the service of a constantly renewed art, now influenced by an ecoresponsible approach.
Paris 2

New Year’s Eve celebration from the Arc de Triomphe – Paris



At this moment, everything is suspended.


A palpable collective surprise intersects with the wonder of each.


The sequence of contrasting or dripping shapes, acrid smoke and lush colors, the crash of thunder and the hiss of rockets, everything contributes to the delight, constantly renewed in this unforgettable parenthesis.

Some Examples

Other know-how